5 Steps To Gain Control When You Feel Overwhelmed a Afraid - Cory Muscara - 285

Depending on your situation, the pandemic and economic uncertainty can leave any “normal” person feeling out of control, overwhelmed, or afraid. So, here is a great interview with my friend who is a skilled meditation instructor. Cory walks you through a simple process you can do in 5-10 minutes that will help you calm down and regain control of your thinking and your emotions. Please listen and/or forward to someone you know who is struggling.   Shownotes:   (3:20) Introduction Cory Muscara (15:50) Looking for answers in the wrong people (19:55) Core teachings at Cory’s retreats (23:05) Meditation practice to achieve an internal sense of safety on these difficult times (35:10) Reviewing the 5 steps to work on our fears and frustrations (39:15) How this meditation practices help you be more proactive with your situation (43:25) Self-acceptance vs. self-mastery (50:35) Explaining the concept of “Developing/cultivating a witness” (59:25) Final advice from Cory (1:03:30) Action Step   Useful Links: https://www.corymuscara.com/ Cory's instagram For more free resources and recommendations, text your email address: (+1) 6314054631 http://relationshipschool.com/connected

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