Integral Levels a Lines Of Development - Keith Witt - 275

I first got introduced to Ken Wilber when I was in grad school. The guy’s mind is insanely brilliant. He takes a lot of maps of human development and consciousness and weaves them together in what he calls integral theory. My guest on this week’s podcast is Keith Witt. He’s worked with Ken for years.  We dig into Relationships of course, but from an integral lens. I ask him about the common relationship dynamic where one person claims they are more “developed” than the other What do we do? Interesting answers to come. Check it out.   Shownotes:   4:35: Introduction Keith Witt 11:20: What is “Integral” 14:00 Looking at relationships in an Integral way 18:20 The importance of lines of development for relationships 29:30 How the adaptive unconscious interferes with your personal growth 37:20 How people can learn to be self-aware and evolve 45:10 Lines of development that can help you on long-term relationship USEFUL LINKS DR. Keith Witt Website Book: Shadow Light: Illuminations at the Edge of Darkness Book: Integral Mindfulness: Clueless to Dialed in - How Integral Mindful Living Makes Everything  Book: THE GIFT OF SHAME: Why We Need Shame and How To Use it To Love and Grow 100 reasons not to have the secret affair: Keith Witt at TEDxAmericanRiviera  

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