The Power of Body Language a Being Socially Awkward - Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 266

At every stage, I've been a bit socially awkward. Yes, me, relationship guy gets socially awkward. I'm often more introverted than people think.   New social settings can create mild anxiety for me. Do you ever feel this? I think it's very normal.   And, what vibe do you put out with your body language at work? Home? With others? As we've talked about before, your face can suggest so many things to others, including threat. So, listen to this podcast as we dive into body language and being socially awkward. Listen now!   Shownotes:   (5:05) Introduction Vanessa Edwards (11:55) Advice for socially insecure teens (15:55) Thoughts about “Fake it, until you make it” (23:05) How to be more authentic with others regarding on how you feel (26:40) Research about the impact of body language and facial expressions on relationships (36:30) About loneliness in this age (43:05): Action Step

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