The Top 5 Things Men Want from Women in Partnership with Ellen Boeder -Relationship School Podcast EPISODE 234

In this episode, you'll find out "The top 5 things men want from women in a relationship." And, the #1 answer, and clear leader by far, may surprise you. No... it's not sex. Listen in to hear what men—who are willing to share their vulnerability—are saying they really want in a relationship. Ellen and I dig into what these brave men are bringing to the relationship conversation and consider what their responses point to. I also mention in the Podcast, Ellen and I are looking into mentoring a couples mastermind. We want to work directly with a group of couples who are serious about taking their relationships to the next level of fulfillment. If you're interested, lets us know! Send us an email at with the subject line "Yes, I'm interested in the upcoming Couples Mastermind with Jayson a Ellen!" Shownotes: -4:40 What surveyed men said they want from women -9:05 Acceptance -15:30 Support -17:35 Communication -20:30 Presence -26:05 Honesty

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