Setting Boundaries With Dysfunctional Family Members - Terri Cole - Smart Couple Podcast #219

In this episode, psychotherapist Terri Cole shares some creative (and funny) strategies for handling problematic family relationships.   SHOWNOTES:   Why Interacting With Family Can Be So Difficult [1:00] Terri Cole’s Family Experience [3:00] The Importance Of Boundaries and Language With Family [7:00] Examples Of Managing Family Dysfunction Successfully [9:00] Strategies For Avoiding Unwanted Conversations With Family [14:00] Is It Okay To Just Walk Away From Shitty Family Conversations? [19:00] Taking A Break From Family And Avoiding Family Holidays Altogether [21:00] When Mom And Partner Are Competing For Attention [25:00] Family Drama Hotline info [29:00]   For the full Smart Couple Podcast webpage for this episode visit   Prepare for the holidays and join the free, Family Drama Hotline webinar hosted by Jayson Gaddis and Terri Cole on the evening of November 20th! RSVP at  

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