SC 201 - Dan Savage On Being Monogamish - Dan Savage

Are you just defaulting to monogamy? Ever GENUINELY asked yourself, "Would a different sexual model work better for me?" Author, sex-advice columnist, podcaster and public speaker, Dan Savage, says we should all ask ourselves these questions regularly. Dan and his husband have chosen what they call a "monogamish" relationship. They've accepted that it's impossible to fulfill all your partner's needs and that's a message we can all learn from. We usually focus on monogamous long-term relationships, but in this episode, we'll learn about how all types of relationships can be successful. Listen in and get ready for some introspection into your own sexual expression. SHOWNOTES: What It Means To Be "Monogamish" [2:00] Culture’s Lies About Love a Why You’ll Never Be Enough [9:00] Advice For Bringing A Third Person Into Your Relationship [13:00] Why Non-Monogamy In A Gay Partnership Can Be Easier Straight Relationships [21:00] Thoughts On Transforming The Broken Monogamy Model [28:00] Dan Savage’s Journey To Becoming Monogamish [30:00] How Dan And His Husband Work Out Their Differences [34:00] Is Infidelity Really The Ultimate Betrayal? [41:00] The Consequences Of Denying Your Sexual Needs [46:00] Closing Thoughts [51:00] For the full Smart Couple Podcast webpage for this episode featuring Dan Savage visit

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