SC 194 - 3 Ways For Couples To Make Tough Decisions Together - Ellyn Bader

Jayson met up with renowned couples therapy expert and author, Ellyn Bader, at this year's Interpersonal Neurobiology Conference at UCLA. WOW, was she a treasure trove of insight. Not just theories and concepts, but insight that can be used every day. SHOWNOTES: Who is Ellyn Bader? [3:00] Anxiety vs Growth-Promoting Anxiety in Relationship [7:00] Three Different Decision-Making Strategies For Couples [16:00] Ellyn’s Insight for Therapists [21:00] Why Telling Your Partner What You "Need" Can be Problematic [29:00] The Confusion Around Differentiation vs Individuation [37:00] What Ellyn Means When She Asks, "Are You a Lie Invitee?" [47:00] For the full Smart Couple Podcast webpage for this episode featuring Ellyn Bader visit

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