SC 193 - Reversing Disease a Illness Using Your Mind a Relationships - Dan Siegel

Right now, researchers and the public are fascinated with brain science and Dr. Dan Siegel is a legend in that department. Jayson and Dr. Siegel dig in deep in this one, discussing autoimmune disease, rewiring the brain, GMO food, struggles in the therapy field and so much more.d and so much more. SHOWNOTES: Why It’s Important to Have Healthy Adult Relationships for Good Health [12:00] Dr. Siegel's Thoughts on Epigenetics [15:00] The 5 Parts of Making Meaning [24:00] Emotion a The Importance of Subjective Experience [29:00] Autoimmune Disorders, Gluten and GMO Foods [41:00] Adverse Childhood Experiences and Illness [46:00] Where Are Therapist Falling Short And What Are They Doing Well [1:00:00] Dr. Siegel's Advice for Young People [1:06:00]   For the full web posting for this Smart Couple Podcast episode visit

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