SC 190 - Transforming Defensive Men Into Inspired Men - Adam Gilad

 Men are getting their world's rocked by the #MeToo movement and the rapid change in gender norms. In this episode, Jayson taps into Adam Gilad's valuable insight on men in the modern world. SHOWNOTES: Who is Adam Gilad a What is Going on With Men Right Now [3:00] Men and the #MeToo Movement [8:00] Why Does the #MeToo Movement Make Some Men Defensive? [11:00] Why Male Identity Ultimately Doesn't Mean Shit [14:00]  Mom Issues and Male Rage [18:00] Thoughts on Male Conditioning [20:00] How do you Help People who Don't Want to be Helped? [23:00] What Women Need to Know About men Right now [25:00]   For the full web posting for this Smart Couple Podcast episode visit

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