SC 189 - Top 10 Takeaways From The Interpersonal Neurobiology Conference at UCLA - Jayson a Ellen

This year's Interpersonal Neurobiology Conference at UCLA was a dream for a relationship research and brain science nerd! If you geek out on that stuff, you'll love hearing the highlights Jayson and his therapist partner, Ellen Boeder, have in their personal conference notes. SHOWNOTES: Antonio Damasio Highlights [5:00] Dan Siegel Highlights [8:00] Harville Hendrix and Helen Hunt Highlights - Safe Conversation [12:00] Crazy Listening Statistic [15:00] Secure Functioning Relationships and Other Stan Tatkin Highlights [18:00] Insight for Therapists and Couples from Peter Pierson [18:00] Affairs and Esther Perel Highlights [25:00] The Shame of Staying With a Partner That Cheats [29:00] Insight from the Couples Panel [31:00] For the full web posting for this Smart Couple Podcast episode visit

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