SC 179 - Podcast Changes a Top 10 Podcasts From 2017

Happy New Year! In this special episode, Jayson shares his candid thoughts on what worked for the Smart Couple Podcast last year, what did not and the changes planned for 2018. We also get Jayson's top ten episodes list from 2017.   SHOWNOTES The Smart Couple Podcast: Reflections on 2017 and Plans for 2018 [4:00] What's The Relationship School Have In Store for 2018? [12:00] Jayson's 2017 Top Ten Episodes List [17:00] Hidden Power Of Conflict – Annie Lalla – SC 88 How To Deal With An Avoidant Partner a Interpersonal Stress – Stan Tatkin – SC 104 The Neuroscience a Power of Safe Relationships – Stephen W. Porges – SC 116 Ayahuasca, Trauma, a Relationships – Dr. Gabor Maté – SC 134 The 4 Freedoms That Develop Masculine Depth a Purpose – Satyen Raja – SC 140 The Trap of Becoming Your Partner’s Therapist – Danielle LaPorte – SC 146 My Wife On How To Repair After A Ruptured Connection – Ellen Boeder – SC 152 Setting Boundaries With Ease, Grace and Love – Terri Cole – SC 156 Interpersonal Neurobiology – Dan Siegel – SC 158 Why Spiritually Developed People Struggle With Monogamy – Ellen a Jayson – SC 176

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