SC 173 - Healing Relational Trauma In The Body - Sharon Stanley

Unsure why certain interactions with loved ones get you so upset? Ever struggle to relate to the hardship of others? Psychotherapist Sharon Stanley says the issue could be trauma, trauma you may not even be aware you have. Once we assess our own trauma we can begin exercising our senses and become more compassionate to others. According to Sharon, we owe it to ourselves and to each other to consider the pain in our pasts, only then can we embody true empathy!   SHOWNOTES Who is Sharon Stanley? [6:00] The best ways to connect with a traumatized person [11:00] Interacting with a partner with trauma [16:00] Building strength within the body to address trauma [20:00] The cost of ignoring trauma [25:00] Are you dealing with trauma? [26:00] Is neglect the worst type of trauma? [30:00] The importance of being embodied [35:00]  

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