SC 168 - How to Avoid Dating Narcissistic Men After 40 - Bobbi Palmer

If you are serious about not dating another narcissistic man, and you are an awesome woman over 40, 50, or 60, this episode is for you. My guest Bobbi Palmer, of "Date like a grown up" has some great advice for how to stay true to you and get what you want. SHOWNOTES About Bobbi [10:00] How Bobbi met and married the man of her dreams within 6 months [13:00] Getting clear on what matters and what doesn’t [15:00] Talking politics, religion, family and finances on the first date [17:00] How people hide from love behind their careers [20:00] About the ‘Narcissistic Guy’ [28:00] 3 Principles of Dating Like A Grown-Up [36:00] The challenge for older women who are dating [45:00]

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