SC 162 - The Purpose of Marriage and the Truth About Soulmates - Arielle Ford

Arielle Ford explores the ups and downs of marriage, what to do with a new age nice guy, and how to rekindle the spark after stuckness. This week's guest got married at age 44, and realized she sucked at listening and didn't know anything about partnership. And now she teaches people all over the world the about the power of attraction, soul mates, and love. SHOWNOTES Talking vs communicating [6:00] The purpose of marriage [8:00] Shocking facts about divorce [12:00] Women: How to fill up your oxytocin tanks [17:00] Men: How to rebuild testosterone [18:00] Do both partners need to be into growth and development? [21:00] Stepping back into your feminine after being in work-mode [27:00] How to have a difficult conversation in a positive way [33:00] How to lighten the mood when you’re triggered [38:00]  

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