SC 137 - How to Re-Parent A Triggered Partner

Dealing with a partner who is triggered can be difficult - especially if they respond negatively to your help. Maybe you’ve been here before: your partner is upset about something, you do your best to give them some encouraging words or to calm them down, but no matter what you do, your partner’s gets more and more upset (or worse... now upset with you for trying to help). If you’ve ever been in this situation before and want to know how to prevent it, this episode is for you. QUESTION:How do we re-parent our partner, and meet them in regressive child-like states when they are triggered without infantilizing them? I find when I go into nurturing mode when my partner is triggered, he often responds with aggression, I think in part because it feels emasculating or patronizing, or possibly because he doesn’t feel lovable in those moments. - Caitlin SHOWNOTES Caitlin’s question [4:00] Why do men get triggered when you try to help them? [5:00] How to take care of your man without him feeling emasculated [6:00] Learning how to help each other when you’re triggered [7:00] What to do when your partner responds to your support with aggression [10:00]

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