SC 136 - Why Self Awareness a Digging Into Your Past Helps You Get A Great Relationship - Alexandra Solomon

A major shift is happening with the way we educate young adults about relationships and sex.  Despite what we hear in the media about the 'hookup culture,' the majority of young adults are very interested in learning about relationships and long-term partnerships. Alexandra Solomon is paving the way in the academic world, educating both students and adults in the all-important long-term relationship game.  If you're a parent or a teacher, this is a great episode to listen to.  You'll get a sense of what the important topics, conversations and areas that young adults are wanting to know about when it comes to relationships. SHOWNOTES Alexandra's story [3:00] Exploring the lessons you learned in childhood [13:00] How to talk to students about sex and relationships [18:00] Teaching young adults to shift from 'performance-based' sex to connection-based sex [20:00]

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