SC 108 - How To Feel Safe In Your Relationship - Bonnie Badenoch

What is co-regulation and how do I feel safe in my relationship? In this episode my guest Bonnie Badenoch goes deep into the co-regulatory nervous system. We discuss the importance of interpersonal neurobiology and how we can regulate each other. She covers the myth and limitations of self-regulation and what we must learn instead. Bonnie is a psychotherapist and healer devoted to helping people feel safe in their own skin. We cover a lot of ground in this one, and I recommend going slow and maybe even listening twice. The myth of 'self-regulation' [13:00] What happens when we're co-disregulated [15:00] How we can feel safe by using a third person [20:00] Why co-regulation is so vital to our sense of safety and security [25:00] If you think your partner is  in their 'left-brain' too often, they might be experiencing this type of acute pain [36:00] The little-known third branch of the autonomic nervous system [41:00] How feeling helpless can mimic death in the body [46:00]

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