SC 102 - The Surprising Difference Between Divorced People and Married People- Mark Manson

UPDATE: CONTEST WINNERS ANNOUNCED! What can you learn from divorced people and people who are married for a decade or two? What are the main differences? There are two and we cover them in this episode with author Mark Manson. We also explore how Mark navigated a big challenge with his now wife and why self-improvement and self-awareness are so essential to long-term partnership. SHOWNOTES Contest winners announced [1:00] The fundamental issues people have in relationships [9:00] Why we need to communicate without blame [13:00] How to avoid ‘enmeshment’ and maintain a strong, independent identity [14:00] Three questions to ask to dig deeper into your emotional states [21:00] The HUGE difference between divorced people and happily married people [23:25] What do all long-term (20+ years) happily married people have in common? [24:00] One keystone value for a rock-solid, long-term marriage [27:00] What needs to be added to our schooling to prepare us for the real world [29:00] The ‘Self Awareness Onion’  [33:00] Three layers of self-awareness [34:00]

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