SC 98 - Evolving Men's Sexuality - From Porn To Presence - Destin Gerek

Do you ever use sex to avoid closeness? Do you know what happens when a man who is called the Erotic Rockstar hits a wall and falls apart? In this intimate episode, we explore these questions and hear a man's vulnerable and raw answers. You'd be surprised at some of what he has to share. There are some nuggets in this very edgy episode. From politics to porn, we cover a lot of ground. Listen to my guest Destin Gerek share his very personal story of overcoming his ego, feeling his emotions and heart, and then sharing what he's learned (and learning) with other men. SHOWNOTES The most important role men can take to help women flourish [26:00] Why women are usually more emotionally accessible than men [31:00] Getting support from other men [33:00] Knowing when the answer is to ‘leave’ [35:00] How to speak so he’ll listen (and hear your hurt) [38:00] The dangers of ‘programming’ yourself with porn [40:00] Noticing the positive and negative effects of porn use [43:00] Why you should remove the word ‘performance’ from your vocabulary [46:00] For men: how to immediately get more present during sex [48:00]  

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