SC 86 - Why People Get Divorced In January a What To Do About It - Charles J. Orlando

Show Notes Charles’ relationship story. [9:50] How we know if we’re ready for marriage. [13:00] Why do you people get divorced in January? [15:00] The #1 thing you can do to prevent a “January Divorce”. [17:00] A micro step you can take to ratchet up the ‘honesty’ in your relationship. [19:00] How to get real, raw and say the hard truths (and how NOT to say it). [21:00] How Charles recently got through a super tough time in his relationship.[22:00] How to know when a relationship has run its course. [25:00] The pacts to make with yourself that help you take responsibility and take back control of your happiness in relationships. [28:00] The reason great relationships take effort - and how to use that effort to create the best possible relationship. [34:00] An unusual type of therapy that Charles uses to turn peoples marriages around. [38:00] Your action step. GUEST BIO Charles J. Orlando is a relationship expert and bestselling author of The Problem with Women... is Men book series and The Pact: Goodbye, Past. Hello, Love!, and the upcoming graphic novella Don't Date A Dick, and he serves as expert host of the hit show Seven Year Switch on FYI (currently in its second season).  Referred to as "The Malcolm Gladwell of Relationships" by the media, and "Carrie Bradshaw-meets-Hitch" by his readers, Charles has built a 1,400,000+ person fanbase on Facebook—completely by word-of-mouth—where he offers free, street-smart love advice to men and women around the world. Charles has personally connected with tens of thousands of singles and couples to discover the answers to key questions that plague modern-day romance: What challenges plague romantic relationships in today's technology-centric world; and what do women and men truly want from their significant others—and themselves—in a long-term relationship?   

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