SC 82 - How He Got His Wife Back with Ryan Michler

Want to hear how one man got his wife back after a separation on the brink of divorce? It's actually quite simple but requires a certain kind of man to be able to follow through with it and execute. If you are a man, this is essential information if your marriage is on the rocks. SHOWNOTES How a why did Ryan start Order of Man? [6:00] What is the current state of men in general? [7:30] What was the impact of not growing up with a father? [9:00] When did Ryan realize the "honeymoon" phase of marriage was over? [12:00] The two big things that Ryan did to get his wife back. [18:00] Did therapy help Ryan and his wife? [21:30] The huge trap that many men fall into in a marriage. [28:00] The trick to not fall into blame or victimhood. [35:00] Your action step. [42:00] GUEST BIO Ryan Michler is a husband, father, Iraqi Combat Veteran, and the Founder of Order of Man. Ryan grew up without a permanent father figure and has seen first-hand how a lack of strong, ambitious, self-sufficient men has impacted society today. He believes many of the world’s most complicated problems could be solved if men everywhere learned how to be better husbands, fathers, businessmen, and community leaders. It has now become his life’s mission to help men across the planet step more fully into their roles as protectors, providers, and presiders over themselves, their families, their businesses, and their communities. You can find him blogging and podcasting at Order of Man where he is working to help men become all they were meant to be.   

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