SC 80 - A Couple's Vulnerable Story of Falling Apart a Getting Stronger Together with Tripp a Alyson

A brave smart couple shares their "dark period" and how they got through it. Anyone who has been married for a few years, and then adds in a child to the mix, will pretty much get rocked. Tripp and Alyson share what happened and how they got through it. From their day to day check-ins, emotional distance and meltdowns, to transforming their sex life after kids, you are going to love how this couple rocked it out. And hopefully, you can take a few tips home to your relationship. SHOWNOTES The story of how Tripp a Alyson met. [10:00] Tripp and Alyson's wild first few dates. [16:00] How reclaim their connection when it's off. [21:30] How did Tripp learn to be curious? [30:00] One period that challenged their relationship. [31:00] What Tripp had to face in himself to get out of his comfort zone. [38:00] Who did they each reach out to for support during their challenging times? [50:00] Why you can't rely on your partner to fulfill all your needs. [55:00] How to keep your sex life alive after kids. [58:00] Tripp shares his own evolution of his relationship to sex.  [1:08:00] The framework they both set in their wedding vows [1:15:00] Your action step. [1:23:00]  

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