SC 62 - 5 Steps To Calm Down Fast During A Fight

Fighting, arguing, and disagreeing are essential in a relationship, But it’s critical to know how. Here’s a short episode to help you understand how to calm down so you don’t do or say something you’ll later regret. SHOWNOTES Why Jayson doesn’t recommend long-term relationship for everyone. [1:45] Why do some couples that use one single email account? Share your thoughts in the private Facebook group [6:15] The likely reason you struggle with conflict in your relationship. [9:30] What defines a fight? [15:00] The 5 steps [15:45] You must have this ingredient whenever you do a “time-out” during a fight. [17:30] The sure-fire recipe for divorce and breakups. [24:00] Jayson’s two powerful action steps for this episode. [28:00]

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