181-Connection Goals

What do you want your marriage to look like? Is it at the level of the connection and depth of love that you desire? If not, what does it look like? And the follow up question is what you can do to change it? We cannot change what we do not notice. I encourage you to take stock of your intimacy which is your husband's fuel of your connection. How often are you making love and how are you making it a priority in your life? It often isn't as easy as it sounds, but I have some tips and encouragement that will help. When you make love to him, you are loving him the way that he receives love. So, to realize your connection goals, I encourage you to make that a strategy. If you feel far off from where you want  to be in your marriage, my husband has a prayer for you at the end. Love you and be encouraged this week! -------- Be intentional about the spice of your sex life: I’ve released the first 3 parts of a new course I’m really excited about: The Seduction Course: (Christian) Hot Sex, Step A, B, C. I didn’t feel I could give the specificity I’d like to on a public platform like a podcast or website. So I’m including VERY practical understandings and examples (language, scenarios, actions) you can use immediately in this course! Right now you can get the course at its lowest cost (it will go up in the following week as the 4th part is released). Check out The Seduction Course now.  

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