Sex Gets Real 78: Women a porn, plus pink Viagra

Pegging, porn, and prostitution. A listener wrote in with a terrific message and mentioned pegging. Which sent us off on a bender about butt sex. Then, Dawn and Dylan talk about the new pink Viagra pill and why that name is so misleading. Flibanserin/Addyi is not what they're claiming it is, and there are better ways for most people to stimulate low desire. Dawn ran across a fun article about Pornhub viewers that found women (yes, it's heteronormative) watch more hardcore porn than men. We discuss. Finally, after nearly a month, we talk about the amazing Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. With amazing talks by Charlie Glickman, Joan Price, Monica Raye Simpson, and more, it was a powerful weekend of sex and human rights.   You know we love hearing from you, so here's how to reach us Call or text: 747-444-1840 (standard messaging rates apply) Email: Contact form: Click here

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