Ep 22: Unashamed for the New Year

What a year! 2019 saw a lot of changes for UnashamedUnafraid. The UnashamedUnafraid (UU) Crew is so excited for 2020. This episode is a special tribute to the hard work and dedication of the UU Crew. For more information on the crew, please visit the Our Team page at UnashamedUnafraid.com. So what is going to be discussed in this special episode? The UU Crew sit down and talk about the podcast becoming what it is today. They discuss how it all started and how everyone came to be a part of the Crew. In early 2019, Chris “The Hulk of Hope” and Steve “Rapper Host” made it a goal to record and publish 10 men’s stories. The Crew also talks about which episode was their favorite and what to expect for the blog and podcast in 2020. Please read the blog post or listen in on the podcast platform of your choice and review us on iTunes.From the Crew at UnashamedUnafraid, we wish you a very Happy New Year. May this year be the year for you to become and remain Unashamed and Unafraid through the hope and healing of Christ Jesus. If you have been blessed by this message and want to inspire others, please share this message on social media, subscribe to our podcast, and review us on iTunes. UnashamedUnafraid can be heard on any major podcast station. Thank you for your participation this year and for years to come. God Bless You,UU Crew

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