Episode # 13: Single Females in the Lifestyle. A conversation with Ms. Madison Malone AZ

A conversation a discussion with a single female, Ms. Madison Malone AZ regarding the experiences of single females and companions/escorts in the lifestyle, particularly in regards to their interactions with single men as well as the benefit they provide to the lifestyle as a whole.An exciting and honest discussion of a rarely discussed aspect of the adult sexual lifestyle.She can be seen and reached at the links below:@MadisonMaloneAZ (Twitter)onlyfans.com/MasisonMaloneAZI invite you to contact me at either my website: http://StagStable.buzzsprout.com  my email:  www.thestagsstable@gmail.com  or the Podcast Twitter account: @StagStable  and my personal Twitter account: @AzgigoloGQ Article:  https://www.gq.com/story/secret-life-americas-greatest-swinger  You can find this Episode as well as all past and future episodes of the Stag’s Stable podcast on: Apple Podcasts/ iTunes Stitcher SpotifyGoogle Play Music by: omnibeats.com/category/chris-brown-type-beat/Produced by xXx for Omnibeats.com; Title: Like That Album Artwork designed by Nicolas Gonet at www.upwork.com None of the topics or advice given in this or any other episode is based on any medical advice, recommendations or training.  These are  based on empirical personal experiences within the lifestyle only.

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