Episode 039 - The Sense of Shame for Playing During the Pandemic!

In this episode, Loq covers a tough discussion with the Suite-Talkers about the shame of playing during the cluster f*ck that is 2020! He covers how the media is playing a small part in  how people in the lifestyle feel about having sexy times. It’s a complex discussion of public health ethics and individual opinions. The Suite-Talkers definitely bought it in this episode! So many comments, so little time! This was a great experience that took a lot of twists and turns! Oh...and it all gets kicked-off by addressing the giant elephant in the room - Naughty in N’awlins.As always, thanks for listening!Articles mentioned in this episode:To Naughty or NotOpen up New Orleans... (The Gambit)The Late Show Monologue Be sure to SUBSCRIBE, RATE, a REVIEW! We appreciate any and all feedback!How to stay in-touch with us:Email: thesuitelifepodcast@gmail.comFollow us here for info on upcoming LIVE episodes:Instagram: @thesuitelifepodcastTwitter: @suitelifepodFacebook: Livin' the Suite Life (Tryst Loq Suitelife)Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to the Livin' the Suite Life Podcast YouTube Channel!

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