Episode 021 - Tell Us What You Got Under the Hood?!

Penis a Vagina! Dick a Pussy! Schlong a Vajayjay! Whatever you call them, we take a fun deep-dive into what's under the hood!Take a listen to find out what our Suite-Talkers prefer when it comes to "the goods"! We chat about preferences in the shape, size, and grooming habits of play their partners. We even talk about the exercise some women use to "keep the pussy tight"...and how that same exercise helps men too!Yup! We cover it all - even cock rings and clit piercings!As always, thanks so much for listening!Enjoy!Be sure to SUBSCRIBE, RATE, a REVIEW! We appreciate any and all feedback!Articles mentioned in this episode:What Makes a Penis More Attractive to Women?Women's Preferences for Penis SizeSizing up: Women Prefer Slightly Larger PenisesHow to Strengthen Your Vaginal MusclesWhat are Kegel Exercises and Sexual Health Benefits Might They Have?Everything You Should Know Before Getting a Clitoris Glans or Hood PiercingEverything You Should Know Before Getting a Penis PiercingCute Pet Names to Call His Penis Based Off His Sex StyleHow to stay in-touch with us:Email: thesuitelifepodcast@gmail.comFollow us here for info on upcoming LIVE episodes:Instagram: @thesuitelifepodcastTwitter: @suitelifepodFacebook: Livin' the Suite Life (Tryst Loq Suitelife)Don't forget to subscribe to the Livin' the Suite Life Podcast YouTube Channel!

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