Episode 007 - Operation: "Hush-Hush!" Privacy in the Lifestyle

Shhhh! The swinging lifestyle can be a pretty big secret to some. Using fake names. Tip-toeing from one party to another. Private social media profiles. While on the other hand, some may choose to mesh their swinging and their vanilla lives. Living an open and proud life of "accept us as we are". Which do you practice?In this episode, we open up the suite to talk about the why's and how's of privacy and secrecy in the lifestyle. Why do you feel like you have to keep your sexy lifestyle a secret? Fear of judgement? Your religious beliefs? Your cultural background? Also, we talk about how. How do you keep your naughty behavior a secret? Private social media profiles? Anonymous nude pics? There's just so much to consider in this topic! We had a great time discussing with our Suite Talkers!Thanks for listening!Enjoy!Be sure to SUBSCRIBE, RATE, a REVIEW! We appreciate any and all feedback!How to stay in-touch with us:Email: thesuitelifepodcast@gmail.comFollow us here for info on upcoming LIVE episodes:Instagram: @thesuitelifepodcastTwitter: @suitelifepodFacebook: Livin' the Suite Life (Tryst Loq Suitelife)Don't forget to subscribe to the Livin' the Suite Life Podcast YouTube Channel!

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