260 Cory Conklin: The Creative Keto Cook

Have you ever had some awesome weight loss momentum going and then all of the sudden.....boredom hits!!!!???? I see food boredom take out some really good people on their transformation journey and with today's episode we are going to show you how to add some creativity to your meal plan. Cory Conklin is an avid cook, food smoker and griller who lives a Keto lifestyle. In late 2017 Cory realized that it was difficult to find a reliable source of Sugar Free and Additive Free Rubs, Spices and Seasonings to help people lose weight so he founded Select Savory Seasonings.   Listen in as Cory and I discuss: How his own transformation journey led him to starting his business. His "go-to" spice blends for various cooking situations. Tips for people that get bored when eating healthy. Tips for keeping kids interested in healthy food. Here is how you can connect with Cory: Website: https://selectseasonings.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/selectsavoryseasonings/   Get your ticket to one of our upcoming Million Pound Mission Transform(ed) LIVE Workshops in Huntington Beach, CA and Bloomington, IN www.MillionPoundMission.com

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