159: Reverse the aging process with Erin Burch

Is there anyone out there that wants to look younger and feel better.........yes please! Today I'm bringing my friend Erin Burch to the podcast to show us how to get the job done!  Erin is a physical therapist and the founder of The Burch Method. She's known by her clients as the Body Whisperer because many of her clients are now looking and feeling ten years younger! Check out this episode on iTunes, Stitcher, or SoundCloud as Erin and I discuss: What the average person is doing every day that really accelerates the aging process and tears down our body.  Her specific methods that she uses to help her clients turn back the clock and reclaim their physical health. A few quick action steps you can take if you are looking and feeling much older than your actual age. Be sure to connect with Erin on her website: https://theburchmethod.com/ Did you enjoy this episode? Please share this episode out on your favorite social media platform. Be sure to tag @MillionPoundMission on Instagram for a chance to be our spotlight shout out of the week! Thank you to our sponsor Ultra Human Check them out at www.TheUltraHuman.net and use the promo code mpm10 to save 10% off of your order.

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