Lit. Update with Josh Klatt

Joshua Klatt of The University of Utah joins the show to discuss his recent randomized prospective trial on casting material in pediatric forearm fractures. He will then enlighten the audience with the "one right way" to approach a variety of controversial spine, hip, and trauma conditions. Host Joshua Holt from University of Iowa leads the session with co-hosts Carter Clement (Children's Hospital of New Orleans) and Julia Sanders (Children's Hospital Colorado). Plaster Versus Ortho-Glass®: Does Initial Splint Material Matter in Pediatric Forearm Fracture Outcomes? A Randomized, Prospective Trial. Ludwig et al. JPOSNA 2023.   Does Transitioning to a Brace Improve HRQoL After Casting for Early Onset Scoliosis? Henstenburg et al and the PSSG. JPO Epub 2023. PMID: 36728464   Normative Femoral and Tibial Lengths in a Modern Population of Twenty-First-Century U.S. Children. Chen et al. JBJS Am Epub 2023. PMID: 36727888.   Imposter Syndrome Among Surgeons Is Associated With Intolerance of Uncertainty and Lower Confidence in Problem Solving. Lin et al. and The Science of Variation Group. CORR Epub 2022. PMID: 36073997.   A Practical Guide for Improving Orthopaedic Care in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Maloy et al. JPOSNA 2023.

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