Jo Frost AKA Supernanny Parenting Tips

Ok, I'll be honest, I am FREAKING OUT right now over this interview! This women needs no introduction, she's the star of six international TV shows, the author of six books and the changer of families across the globe! She is none other than Jo Frost from the Supernanny Show.

This show is very personal for me, because I started watching the Supernanny on ABC when it first aired in 2005 when my son Kanen was just two years old. I learned pretty much everything I know about parenting from watching that show, and it saved my life, especially in the early days of being a single mom. 

Since then, I've been referring clients to her videos and sharing her techniques with moms for years. She IS the guide to parenting and her methods WORK!

I encourage you to go watch her show Supernanny, streaming on Hulu, Youtube, ABC and her new season on Lifetime. Here's just a few of the staples of my parenting that I learned from watching it over the years:

  • Consistent, fair, firm and loving discipline (search up "the knotty spot")
  • Sleep training for babies and young kids
  • Schedule and routine
  • Positive reinforcement 
  • The importance of PLAYING with your kids
  • Chores and responsibilities for kids 
  • Bedtime routine
  • How to be present with your kids
  • and so much more!

You can watch full episodes on specific topics on Youtube

PLEASE share this episode with every parent you know, and especially every single mom, mom's need to know there is help for whatever they are going through with their kids. There are tools that are simple and effective and LIFE CHANGING for you and your kids!

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