EP157: Feminine Submission to Masculine Leadership

This was a juicy episode with Gillian Pothier. Gillian is a depth psychologist with advanced immersion in Jungian and Archetypal psychology. Gillian specializes in the masculine/feminine relationship and how, in order to maintain deep passion in a relationship, there needs to be hierarchy. For instance, that hierarchy states that the man (the masculine) leads, and the woman (the feminine) submits. At first glance, this seems archaic in thinking but, when you listen to Gillian, she speaks not of subservient, disempowered women. Rather, she speaks of honour, and how women can honour men (the masculine) and vice versa. But, in order for us to do so, we need to accept our energetic differences. That means that one person, energetically, is going to be the leader (the masculine), and the other the follower (the feminine. Typically the woman). It's in our differences as men and women that we can compliment one another. If we're the same, there's nothing to compliment. But, when we give up some of our power to the other person, that can be triggering, because it's vulnerable. But it's that vulnerability that brings us closer together.  This episode won't suit everyone. If you like what Gillian speaks of, you can find her here and here. If you're interested in some one on one coaching support with me, go here, and let's set up a discovery call and have a conversation.  This episode is sponsored by Let's Get Checked. Want to get your Testosterone checked? Or an STI check? Go to https://trylgc.com/intimate and use the Coupon Code HeathyYou2020 for 20% off any hormone test kit. 

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