EP156: How To Release Emotions

First and foremost, as a disclaimer, if you're looking for emotional healing, go to a trained therapist and/or counsellor.  Coaches can help moving forward in life, but a coach can't replace therapists/counsellors. the best combination is to work with a coach and a therapist in tandem. If you can't afford either, then this episode will give you a start in your emotional healing journey. I've had a lot of people ask "How can I get rid of negative emotions?" There are many ways one go about doing this on their own. This episode is a start to that answer. If you're interested in some one on one coaching support with me, go here, and let's set up a discovery call and have a conversation.  This episode is sponsored by Let's Get Checked. Want to get your Testosterone checked? Or an STI check? Go to https://trylgc.com/intimate and use the Coupon Code HeathyYou2020 for 20% off any hormone test kit. 

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