BONUS! Halloween Story Marathon! A Compilation

It’s Halloween and we decided to combine the 3 spookiest “Best Whatever Ever!”stories into a single SUPERSIZED special compilation episode. It’s like one stop shopping, er, Trick or Treating with three perfect Halloween stories for kids: THE CURSE OF THE PINKY PROMISE PINKY! (from season one), ALBERT APEINSTEIN SAVES HALLOWEEN (also from season one) and ALBERT APEINSTEIN & THE HAUNTED HALLOWEEN HARBOR (from season three). So gather your friends, suit up in your costumes, and listen to these stories to get you into the Halloween spirit! (Oh and definitely listen to the whole intro because Spencer and Scarlett reveal what costumes they’re wearing for Halloween this year!)

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Best Whatever Ever! is a podcast for kids written, produced, edited and hosted by Ira Singerman, along with his bosses Spencer and Scarlett. Our theme song is by Sander Kalmeijer. Additional music and sound effects from

==== Time Stamps ====

02:53 - “The Curse of the Pinky Promise Pinky!” starts here.

07:45 - “Albert Apeinstein Saves Halloween!” starts here.

16:44 - “Albert Apeinstein & the Haunted Halloween Harbor!” starts here.


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