Obituary 07: Mei Died

Mei Lou, 63, passed away peacefully in the night… after burning to death in a fire that destroyed her entire home. **Content Warning: Reference to burning to death, Discussions of Grief Support the Show and access bonus content, bloopers, & more: Created by Evan Gulock & Niko Gerentes Sensitivity Reader: Kienna Shaw Associate Producers – Luis Resto, Samariel Koster, Robert Gulock, Jordan Percle, Angel Acevedo Credits: The Obituary Writer – Evan Gulock Fen Lou – Erika Ishii Mia Jasper – Iridian Fierro The Wild Man / The Butcher / Chester the Goat / Shady Sea Captain / OW's First Lover – Niko Gerentes Eugene Portage – Noah Baldwin Grandma Lou – Su Ling Chan Additional Voices Provided by The DePaul BFA 4 Class of 2023 Music – Niko Gerentes, Steven O’Brien, Migfus20, ErikMMusic, Tyops “The Obituary Writer’s Ditty” Arranged by Niko Gerentes Sung by Noah Baldwin & Niko Gerentes With Lyrics by Evan Gulock & Niko Gerentes “The Wailing Wharf Widow” Arranged & Sung by Noah Baldwin With Lyrics by Evan Gulock & Niko Gerentes Portions of this episode were recorded at The Foxhole Chicago by studio engineer Dave Langley. Special Thanks to Our Featured Patrons: Aster Kubo & Hei Find and support our sponsors at: Credits and Transcript: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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