From Ransomware to Mobile Malware: Emerging Cybersecurity Risks

Companies across regions and sectors face myriad cyber threats from ransomware and phishing scams to attacks from professional cybercriminals—a growing number of them now using AI. In response, organizations are launching cybersecurity projects to keep their companies’ and customers’ data secure. We discuss this with:

Gordon Yan, PMP, vice president, IT project manager, OCBC Bank, Singapore: Yan discusses how Singapore’s banking industry is reacting to more phishing and impersonation scams, artificial intelligence’s growing role—as a potential threat and opportunity—in cybersecurity, how he’s adopting agile practices in his projects and how greater cybersecurity investments and awareness can help build customer trust and confidence.

Mateusz Jasny, PMP, cybersecurity director, Comarch, Krakow, Poland: Jasny discusses the biggest cyber threats companies face today and how they’re leading to increased cybersecurity efforts across organizations, along with how his teams use threat modeling to identify potential risks to projects. Plus, he shares why cybersecurity project managers need collaboration and facilitation skills along with cybersecurity literacy.

Key themes

[00:52] Teams are meeting cyber threats with increased cybersecurity efforts

[05:16] Delivering a continuous surveillance cybersecurity project at a financial institution

[07:52] Adopting agile practices to improve project delivery

[08:52] Investing in cybersecurity efforts and awareness to boost customer confidence and trust

[10:30] Responding with agility and flexibility in the face of professional threat actors and advances in AI

[13:32] Utilizing threat modeling to determine risks on cybersecurity projects

[14:44] Must-haves for cybersecurity project managers: Collaboration and facilitation skills, plus cybersecurity literacy

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