Australian Passion for Culture and Language with Penny Wilson

If you are obsessed with East Asian languages and travel, Penny Wilson has some words of wisdom to share. Penny is a language lover from Australia, currently learning Mandarin Chinese and Vietnamese. She's a podcast host of Language Chats and she also manages her own business, Lingo Mama. In today's episode, I got together with Penny to learn more about * her love of East Asian languages and travel * how she is bringing language into her career and family life * how the local Aboriginal languages of Australia are shaping how she learns culture and language now Plus, you'll find out what a Walkshop is and you'll come out wanting to book one right now. If you are missing friends and connections with language lovers like you, don't miss it! Where do you listen? Take a photo of where you're listening to the Fluent Show and share it on social media to say hello! Here's where you can tag me: * Twitter: * Instagram: and #thefluentshow I had editing help from Steph Fuccio for this episode. Love the show? Rate & Review it here ( Special Guest: Penny Wilson.

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