A Trio of Workshops - Frame Weaving, Strohsterne & Premium Tablet Weaving with Lindsey Campbell

In this special episode of The Crafter's Box Podcast, we sit down with the talented Lindsey Campbell of Hello Hydrangea to discuss three incredible workshops Lindsey has prepared with us for release. Frame Weaving, released in October 2021, Strohsterne, released in November 2021 and Premium Tablet Weaving, to be released in mid-November 2021 are each unique and intricate techniques that will expand a maker's library of skills. 

Frame Weaving is one of the oldest artisan techniques in the world, dating back to ancient times. In her workshop, Lindsey guides us through a specialized technique that weaves yarn in floating patterns on a fixed frame. The wooden frame provides structure to weaving elements that would otherwise not be able to stand on their own, creating an intricate and colorful décor piece that’s ready to hang in your home.

 Strohsterne is the art of creating straw stars using natural wheat stalks and cotton thread. In her workshop, Lindsey teaches us how to make six different star patterns in varying sizes, shapes, and techniques. “These dainty celestial projects are often used in Germany, Sweden and other Scandinavian countries,” shares Lindsey. In traditional stories, the straw stars are connected to the star of Bethlehem, shining in the night during Christ’s birth. Additionally, straw was readily available and affordable for people, making Strohsterne ornaments a deeply important part of German and other northern European Christmas traditions.

Tablet weaving, also called card weaving, is one of the oldest weaving practices. It is a type of band weave, which has been found in different parts of the world since the Bronze Age. The yarn is threaded through a series of cards, and as they turn, a pattern is woven into a thin band. You can use the end project as a belt, hat band, curtain tie, shoelaces, bracelet bag strap, pretty much anything. 

Join us for this special deep dive into all three beautiful and unique techniques. 

Learn more: Frame Weaving & Strohsterne. Stay tuned for Tablet Weaving.

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