#144 Pro-Metabolic Eating, Overcoming Food Sensitivities & Healing Using EFT with Theresa Piela

Theresa Piela is the founder of Living Roots Wellness. A Colon Hydrotherapist by training, she now works as an independent health researcher & brain rewiring coach.  Theresa holds space for 1:1 and group coaching, emphasizing “Brain Rewiring & EFT Tapping” for those with complex histories of gut-brain-trauma disorders.  She focuses on supporting the most complicated cases of “chronic illness” that may have lost hope & the ability to connect to joy as a result of their illnesses.  With pro-metabolic nutrition, learning to truly embody safety at the level of the nervous system, and release inherited & stored trauma, she empowers her clients with simple tools to reclaim their elegance, confidence, and strength and to ultimately, heal themselves.


We discuss:

The importance of brain rewiring

Your experience navigating multiple food sensitivities 

Tips on expanding diet & reintroducing foods

EFT + Processing trauma

Importance of gut health

Theresa’s food philosophy now + why she follows a more pro-metabolic way of eating



Dr Ray Peat

Book - When Things Fall Apart 


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