Hawaiian Resistance, Tourism & Abolition: For The Love of The Mauna, Part 3

Please join us for the third and final piece of our series on the movement to protect Mauna Kea. We have been incredibly humbled and blessed to have reported on the movement, and are so grateful to everyone who made this possible. 

During the pandemic as tourist numbers have dropped, fish have returned in areas in Hawai’i where they have been absent for years. The land is healing itself. Despite the toll excessive tourism and capitalism has taken on the Hawaiian islands; there is still hope to heal. 27 years ago in 1993, tourists outnumbered Hawaiian residents 6:1 and Native Hawaiians 30:1. Imagine how those figures have risen today... 

The Mauna Kea movement has been one of relationships: to land, water, air, kanaka (people), and spirit. On this episode we hear again from the incredible Jamaica Osorio, activist, educator, and cultural practitioner; and Dr. Auntie Noe Noe Wong-Wilson, scholar, poet, and activist. They discuss the lessons and revelations  from time on the Mauna and pathways forward to honor relationships and empower future generations. 

We recorded this episode the day after the violent insurrection on the Capitol, so we bring in our thoughts about resistance, activism, and overthrow under settler colonialism. 

We hope that through this series you can join us in imagining an otherwise future, built and cemented in Indigenous relationships. There is so much to learn beyond this series, so please continue learning alongside us.

“We are certainly not too late to live in dignity with our āina” - Jamaica Osorio


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Dr. Noe Noe Wong Wilson, Executive Director of The LĀLĀKEA FOUNDATION

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