224 | Find Hidden Money in Your E-commerce Shop with Reese Spykerman | Design By Reese

Your business has a lot of moving parts. It’s easy to let opportunities to make a little extra money (or eliminate sneaky expenses) slip right past your radar. So how can you optimize your revenue and minimize those “leaky pipe” expenses? The answer is right on your website!

In this episode, I’m talking to e-commerce conversion expert Reese Spykerman about all the hidden places you can find extra money in your business. She’ll share her tips for crafting a beautiful and functional e-commerce website, and we’ll chat about a few of the trends we’re seeing in the online business world right now.

You'll learn:

  • Where to find extra money (and sneaky expenses) in your ecommerce business
  • Why you might be doing your business a disservice by making your website too pretty
  • How to put yourself in your customers’ shoes and make them feel understood

For full show notes, resources and a transcription, please head to bit.ly/PTPEp224

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