Turning Your Cant’s Into Cans and Your Dreams Into Plans With Franchise Partner Amanda Schwilch

Morgan got to sit down with one of the Franchise Partners of our Bartlett, TN location, Amanda Schwilch! Amanda is an active-duty Navy wife, mother of two, and crushing her ownership role. Amanda spent the majority of her career climbing the corporate ladder only to decide that at the age of 40, she was ready for change and embraced being a small business owner and entrepreneur! She fully leaned into the Burn Boot Camp family. Her M.O. is proving to those that she "can" in a world full of "cant's".

Amanda shares her personal story and what it means to be an active-duty Navy wife, mother, and business owner. She shares what it really means to be on active duty, and have a village you can really depend on. She also dives into how the Burn family has supported her through major life shifts and transitions, and what it was like to segway from the corporate world to entrepreneurship.

Amanda was determined to be her own boss, run her own business, and create her own success, despite any closed doors she arrived at and 'no's' she was told along the way.  Listen in for an inspiring conversation that is sure to stick with you!

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