49- How to Get the Support You Need for Your Food and Body Image Issues [NEDA Week]

Maybe you've realized that your issues with food and your body are more serious than you previously thought. Or maybe you just now have the self-awareness or resources to do something about it! I want to give you the right steps and the right information to determine what next steps you want for yourself. I'll discuss: Different Treatment Options Medications for eating disorders What to Do If You Can't Afford a Treatment Facility What a Psychiatrist Is and How I Can Help and more! If "it's not about the food", then what's it about? Access FREE mini-class here. gg To schedule a new patient appointment, click here. gg To join my online coaching program, click here. Want to understand the connection between weight, wellness, BMI, setpoint weight, and more? Check out my Weight and Wellness Mini-Class here! - Find a therapist in your area here: PsychologyToday.com ggFollow me on Instagram for more encouragement and eating disorder education. @stefanireinoldmd

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