26. October 2021: Dune: Part One / The Last Duel / The French Dispatch

Welcome back to the latest episode of BETWEEN THE NOTES...

Your hosts, Tony Black & Sean Wilson, return to discuss Hans Zimmer's huge new score for DUNE: PART ONE, and talk a few other October releases along the way.

They discuss THE LAST DUEL & THE FRENCH DISPATCH, and composers including Harry Gregson-Williams, Alexandre Desplat and more...

00:05:04 - The French Dispatch (Alexandre Desplat)
00:21:56 - Dune (1984) (Toto & Brian Eno)
00:36:43 - The Last Duel (Harry Gregson-Williams)
00:53:07 - Total Recall (Jerry Goldsmith)
01:05:13 - Dune: Part One (2021) (Hans Zimmer)

Check out our specially curated Spotify playlist of all of the above scores:

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Tony Black


Sean Wilson

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Title music 'Milky Way' (c) Peter Sandberg/Epidemic Sound

Music from Dune: Part One courtesy of WaterTower Music.

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