Lessons From 9 Million Dollar Mistakes with Brad Chandler

Let’s talk about everything from wealth to longevity, and learning from mistakes in life and business.

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Show Notes:

Building a thriving business with the right systems and team in place is the goal. Today’s guest, Brad Chandler, has built a real estate business that he only works on 1 hour per week. Brad is an open book and shares lessons he’s learned from his mistakes in relationships and in business. We cover a wide range of topics from parenting a child with anxiety, to lessons from failed marriages and how Brad has attracted A players to his team. Having done the personal work to realize he was chasing money to be happy, Brad has been able to still create wealth only while also being able to ditch shame, and step into the dad, CEO, and coach he wants to be.

01:40 What led you to real estate and the realization that you were chasing money to be happy?

05:30 How have you navigated helping your son with his severe anxiety?

12:40 After becoming a single dad, how were you able to continue to build a successful business?

15:40 What systems do you have in place to make sure your business and life run smoothly?

19:20 How did you end up losing 9 million dollars?

23:00 What would you do to avoid those 5 mistakes that cost you 9 million?

26:15 The dos and don’ts when building out a construction crew for flipping homes.

29:30 If you put mindset and strategy on a scale, what is more important to invest in as you get started?

31:00 How important is it for you to have a spiritual practice?

33:00 Things Brad has done to hire the team and set up the systems to work in the business 1 hour per week.

36:40 What does inner child work look like?

38:30 Why did you decide to stop drinking?

42:00 The Life Force testing Brad often to understand the health markers.

45:40 What do you do when you have people in your life that are always negative?

48:15 What is one thing you want entrepreneurs to know as they go out and build their business today?

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