Rock Polishing, Low Saves & Launch Pads: Tom Coussens Interview


Our episode today includes stories about getting caught in dust devils, low saves and Space X? Our guest Tom Coussens has experienced all that and more! Tom's aviation journey starts when his Dad spots a P-51 Mustang back in the mid 50's and then learns to fly so he can buy one! After his first solo in a Citabria at 16 Tom received his private powered license at 18. He later starts a career as an aerospace engineer and ends up working with Space X. 

(17:43) In 1986 Tom finds his way to gliders and the soaring adventures begin! Being a powered pilot already, Tom also starts towing gliders as well. He currently has over 3,400 tows! Sit back and enjoy this amazing journey as we soar into episode 105 on Soaring The Sky. 








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