225 | 4 Steps to Optimize What's Already Working in Your Business with Katie Hunt

Oftentimes in business, we set our sights on the next big thing–the next product, the next launch, the next program–that we forget to rethink the systems that are already working in our business. But most of the time, those systems could run even better and make us even more profit with just a few small tweaks. Take a listen for my four-step brainstorming exercise to help you identify what’s working in your business and make minor adjustments to improve your systems even further.

You'll learn:

  • When it’s best to make improvements to your current systems instead of starting from scratch
  • How to determine which systems could use optimizing
  • How to prioritize those improvements in your business

For full show notes, resources and a transcription, please head to bit.ly/PTPEp225

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